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Nari Lundra Agro-Tourism is a company that operates in the hospitality industry. It is well known for its restaurant in the hills of Lundra, 5 km from the center of Tirana, where most of the products that are served there are coming from this area from the villagers under Nari Lundra Restaurant request and supervision.

The company also owns a Goat Farm, a high standard dairy where the cheese is produced, vines for the wine and raki production, olive trees for the oil.

In January 2020 the business got the certification for Agro-Tourism. Some high standard Hotel Rooms are also added to the business with the wonderful view of the Lundra Hills to complete the Agro-Tourism chain.

Since 2015, under the client’s requests, the company started a new branch called Healthy Food School Catering. Completely dedicated and specialized in providing healthy food for children in schools. A menu with high-quality products and a balanced diet will help the students grow up healthy and at the same time will teach them how to eat healthily.

Cooperating with high-performance educational institutions has helped this branch of the company to upgrade its standard every year, offering always the best products, with the right cooking process and also keeping a high food safety standard.

” Having lunch with us should feel just as comfortable, as having one at home “

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